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A mother writes about Jenna photographing her birth

Birth Photography Project

Recently one of the mothers Jenna photographed for her ongoing project, The Labour Process, wrote a thoughtfull and touching blog post about her birthing experience and having Jenna there photographing.

“She was a quiet, gentle presence that I barely registered. Somehow she captured the simple, poignant, gritty, delicate, sweet and intimate moments that occurred during that lifetime of birthing without invading the experience; only adding very subtly to it.”  Danielle Green Spillett

Also bringing his own perspective, a father from another birth has written a personal exploration of his birthing experience, and the time leading up to it, on his blog. Two interesting reads related to Jenna’s work we thought you might enjoy!

Jenna’s project documenting the birth process is still expanding. If you are interested in participating as a mother or caregiver or know someone who might be, please comment bellow or send this post to others who might be interested. Thank you!

Welcome to our new website!!

We can’t be more happy and proud to launch ATRIA Collective after many months of planning. For five years we were formally known as Photographer Network, a photo of the week blog showcasing work from  all five photographers. Now as ATRIA Collective we have a more powerful way of showcasing the breadth and depth of our photography to you. We hope you enjoy browsing our collections and look forward to your comments and engagement with our future projects showcased on ATRIA Collective.

We encourage our friends, followers and newcomers to add us on your favourite social media platform for project previews and updates or subscribe to our mailing list.

Thank you for your support!

ATRIA on Tumblr

Are you on Tumblr? You can find our Tumblr blog here: atriacollective.tumblr.com


Special Delivery Courier

Christian Webber’s photographs have been featured throughout the Special Delivery website, a toronto based courier service. Webber-Screen-Shot

Jay Smith Memorial Fundraiser

Two poster size prints from photographs by Tristan where sent to Halifax for the Jay Smith Memorial Fundraiser this weekend. Can’t thank Terry Zlot enough for helping with the last minute print job. All proceeds will go to the Smith Family Trust.

To donate directly follow this link:http://www.mattmays.com/

To buy tickets for the fundraising concert follow this link http://www.ticketatlantic.com/en/home/events/jaysmithmemorialconcerts/info.aspx and see The Meds, In Flight Safety, Young River & guests, The Stanfields, Joel Plaskett Emergency and Matt Mays.


Sin City


Week after week, an incredibly talented group of local Victoria actors gather at the VEC to make their devoted fans bust a gut in laughter over Philips beer and candlelight. With Ian Ferguson at the podium directing the stage, lights and music, he works seamlessly with Kirsten Van Ritzen to produce the hilariously improvised soap opera we’ve come to know and love as Sin City Carnies. I’m always inspired at the dedication and heart that pours from this cast, spending their every Tuesday creating a show with characters so charming you have a hard time separating them from real life. The producers themselves don’t want to see these characters die, and so after months of a developing comedy, the show was extended until the end of May. Lucky for the audience. There is something special about this local production, from Ian’s booming voice to the witty character banter and the hearty laugh of Shelley Suzuki in the crowd. It hardly feels right to keep it just to ourselves. A little sneak at behind the scenes of our oh so loved, Sin City.

















Artist Portrait of Véronique




Canadian Photography Online interviews Chris

Christian has a newly published interview about his series People (Who Sleep Outside).  A selection of his photographs and the full interview can be found on Canadian Photography Online.


Black & White Panorama

Continuing on from the colour collection of panoramic photos by Christian, here is a selection of black and white images using the same camera and shot in Vancouver.







Canadian Photography Online interviews Ryan

Ryan was recently interviewed and featured on Canadian Photography Online, a magazine created to showcase Canadian photographers and their works. A selection of photographs from her Cainnt Mo Mhàthar project are paired with an in depth interview.  Very happy to have Ryan recognized this way!

I encourage you to read the full interview here.


Album Photographs by Ryan MacDonald

1 the-fretless-by-ryan-macdonald

Even though it seems like Ryan is photographing a new musician everyday, we haven’t gotten to see any of the recent album covers where her work has been featured. After seeing the recent Fretless album, I encouraged Ryan to photograph some of the other covers she’s made so we can share them with the world.

Here is just a selection of the growing collection, originally featured on her blog.  The other musicians and bands below are SeudanBen PowellMichael Grey and Ivonne Hernandez & Jeremy Walsh.


2 seudan-cd-ryan-macdonald

3 seudan-album-cover-ryan-macdonald

4 ben-powell-signed-cd-ryan-macdonald

5 ben-powell-album-ryan-macdonald

6 waterbound-the-fretless-ryan-macdonald

7 the-fretless-waterbound-ryan-macdonald

8 michael-grey-album-ryan-macdonald

9 Ivonne-Hernandez-Jeremy-Walsh-album-ryan-macdonald

“Tell My Mom Not To Worry” – available now for pre-order

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/39236848 w=700&h=525]


We are very excited to announce the launch of a fundraising campaign to support Ben Benvie’s upcoming book “Tell My Mom Not To Worry” – Photographs from the Appalachian Trail.

All funds will go directly to the production costs of making this book.  This includes printing, binding and packaging.  Shipping will begin summer, 2012.  To contribute we encourage you to purchase a print or pre-order a signed copy of the book.

Also available, is a very limited edition, handmade version of this book, signed, printed and bound by Ben. Each book will have 1 of 5 different images transferred to the cover via Polaroid Emulsion lift creating 5 truly unique books.

To suport this project or get more details visit the fundraising page here: Appalachian Trail Photography Book –  Funding campaign. Thank you for your support!

Ben Benvie Book Fundraising

Panorama by Christian Webber


A collection of colour panoramic photographs by Christian when he was living in Vancouver.  He used his three Vivitar IC 101 Panorama 35mm film cameras, creating these quirky photos of Vancouver.




















Over the last two months Jenna and I have been on the road photographing weddings and visiting family and friends in between. My photo of the week from June 13th was from our lovely visit with April and Sal and their rambunctious son Owen in California. He is also our godson, so on a walk one day I decided to take pictures of him running around as we enjoyed the fresh air. I quickly realized he had far more energy then me as I ran crouched over trying to photograph him at his level. It was thoroughly entertaining. Here are the “other” photos from that day.












FUJIFILM Instax from Toronto Magnum Worshop

A few days before ATRIA headed to downtown Toronto for our Magnum workshop,  Jenna and I inherited a Fujifilm Intax camera from her brother.   It sat unused as we went through the workshop with our selected photographers. Then on the last night when the final slideshow of all the participants was shown,  the five of us passed around the camera to capture some of the fun.

The final shot of all of us was kindly taken by Eli Reed.

– Tristan

01 Eli-Reed-and-Larry-Towell

02 Bruce-Gilden-and-Eli-Reed

03 Larry-Towell-Magnum-Workshop-Toronto

04 Magnum-Workshop-and-Magnum-Photographers

05 Ryan-MacDonald-with-Tristan-Shouldice-and-Lucas-Sprague-Coyle

06 Photographer-Network-at-Magnum-with-friends

07 Photographer-Network-Memebers-at-Magnum-Toronto-Workshop

Jenna & Ryan in EXHIBIT A

Jenna and Ryan currently have five Black & White photos on display in Victoria as part of EXHIBIT A.  If you have a chance, drop by The Community Arts Council at G6-1001 Douglas Street to take a look at the full exhibit.


Magnum Workshop Toronto at Contact 2011

This May ATRIA will be in Toronto for several weeks. It’s exciting for us to be together as we are usually spread out across Canada. Four of us will be attending the Magnum Workshop Toronto at Contact 2011 and all of us will be at the evening Magnum Lectures. We are all looking forward to seeing where this will take us photographically. Stay tuned for updates from Toronto via Twitter and our website.



Jenna Shouldice & Ryan MacDonald will be in a photography exhibit April 21st in Victoria.  If you are in town be sure to drop by and say hello and browse the photography presented by a lovely group of woman.

Here is more info from the Facebook Event page:

An artistic photography showcase from a local professional collective. Opening night April 21 6.30pm at The Community Arts Council.

Exhibit A

Featuring works by:

Andrea Kucherawy
Ashley Ohtsijah Hall
Georgie Wilson
Jenna Shouldice
Jesse Holland
Kelsey Goodwin
Keri Coles
Lana Robertson
Laura Taylor
Marisa Savegnago
Nancy Brown
Rachelle Polsom
Ryan Macdonald
Saskia Bjornson

The Online Photographer & Ben Benvie

Surprised and happy to see Ben Benvie  mentioned on The Online Photographer blog!