Tristan Shouldice

Born and raised in Kimberton PA on a biodynamic dairy farm with my sister and brother, we grew up surrounded by an idyllic countryside of fields and rolling hills. At the age of 10 my parents decided to move to Canada where my father was originally from. The rest of my childhood and teenage years were spent growing up in the small town of Nelson BC, this time surrounded by mountains and secluded lakes. I began taking and making photographs around sixteen turning my camera on my friends and family, documenting the life that surrounded me. From the end of high school until my early twenties I traveled to countries ranging from Japan to Guatemala to Italy. After moving back to BC from living in Scotland, I completed an education in photography in Victoria where I now call this city my home.

My wife, Jenna Shouldice, and I photograph regularly across Canada and internationally for editorial and private assignments.

Please contact me if you are interested in information on purchasing prints of my work, licensing an image or scheduling an assignment.