Water Under The Bridge

Water Under The Bridge

A selection of photographs from the Alberta flooding of 2013.

The following is an excerpt from the magazine WATER UNDER THE BRIDGE.

The night the rain started I decided to camp out in the parking lot on top of Cougar Creek hill. I fell asleep to heavy raindrops on the metal roof and the bass rumble of boulders being thrown around in the raging waters of the creek. At 6 a.m. I awoke to the same sounds, accompanied by the red flashing lights of emergency vehicles and fire trucks.

There was a text on my phone from my friend Jay, who was on the bridge watching the water. It read “Hey man. Don’t know if you’re in your van but you should come up and move it.” I got out of my van and took a piss in the washrooms that are there for the hikers that use the parking lot as a trailhead when hiking up the canyon. A few hours later the outhouse was somewhere down by the Trans Canada highway. I stood on top of the bridge with Jay and a few others and watched the start of what would be a completely surreal few days.