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Candlelight Tribute at God’s Acre Veterans Cemetery

Gods-Acre-Veterans-Cemetery-Esquimalt-01 Gods-Acre-Veterans-Cemetery-Esquimalt-02 Gods-Acre-Veterans-Cemetery-Esquimalt-03 Gods-Acre-Veterans-Cemetery-Esquimalt-04 Gods-Acre-Veterans-Cemetery-Esquimalt-05 Gods-Acre-Veterans-Cemetery-Esquimalt-06 Gods-Acre-Veterans-Cemetery-Esquimalt-07 Gods-Acre-Veterans-Cemetery-Esquimalt-08 Gods-Acre-Veterans-Cemetery-Esquimalt-09 Gods-Acre-Veterans-Cemetery-Esquimalt-10 Gods-Acre-Veterans-Cemetery-Esquimalt-11 Gods-Acre-Veterans-Cemetery-Esquimalt-12 Gods-Acre-Veterans-Cemetery-Esquimalt-13 Gods-Acre-Veterans-Cemetery-Esquimalt-14 Gods-Acre-Veterans-Cemetery-Esquimalt-15 Gods-Acre-Veterans-Cemetery-Esquimalt-16 Gods-Acre-Veterans-Cemetery-Esquimalt-17

Trail Days


Sarah + Colin

Langley Engagement Session
Sarah and Colin – Langley, BC.

Chatham Street Fire

639-Chatham-St.-Fire-Victoria-01 639-Chatham-St.-Fire-Victoria-02 639-Chatham-St.-Fire-Victoria-03 639-Chatham-St.-Fire-Victoria-04 639-Chatham-St.-Fire-Victoria-05 639-Chatham-St.-Fire-Victoria-06

Touring with The Fretless


This winter, I joined The Fretless on two tours, from BC to Manitoba. While this is a big project to tackle, I have a few photographs to share of what is to come.

FretlessTour_Shouldice02 FretlessTour_Shouldice03 FretlessTour_Shouldice04 FretlessTour_Shouldice05 FretlessTour_Shouldice06 FretlessTour_Shouldice07 FretlessTour_Shouldice08 FretlessTour_Shouldice09 FretlessTour_Shouldice10 FretlessTour_Shouldice11



Little Skippers

Fort Langley Family Portraits
Dani and her daughters – Langley, BC.

Alex Gandy

Alex Gandy
Bagpiper Alex Gandy – Moline, Illinois.

Richard Terfry

Buck65Buck 65

Lex & Co.

Victoria BC Family Photography
Two month old Lex with his mother and sister – Victoria, BC.


deltaport terminal

Jaimie and Layla



BC Ferries Passenger 3
BC Ferries Passenger
BC Ferries Passenger 2

Paradise Maintenance


Danielle and Lucy


Post surgery in the PICU at Victoria General Hospital

Sooke Potholes Provincial Park

Sooke Potholes Provincial Park

Quinn Bachand

Quinn Bachand
Multi-instrumentalist Quinn Bachand – Victoria, BC.

Istanbul Streets

Istanbul-Streets-Turkey-by-Kelly-Schovanek-01 Istanbul-Streets-Turkey-by-Kelly-Schovanek-02Istanbul-Streets-Turkey-by-Kelly-Schovanek-03 Istanbul-Streets-Turkey-by-Kelly-Schovanek-04 Istanbul-Streets-Turkey-by-Kelly-Schovanek-05

On The Road

Kelly Schovanek is currently photographing and traveling from Turkey to Egypt. Having just left Lebanon he is currently in Jordan, and we look forward to the photographs and stories he comes back with.

Jordanhot air balloons Beirut



Justin Dauphinee