ATRIA is a collective of six Canadian photographers spread across genres and geographical locations. For five years we worked together on a photo of the week blog, where we would each post an original photo per week as a joint promise to always be making photographs. As our work developed we quickly realized the diversity of our photos would be better showcased in a portfolio setting, where we can share the breadth and depth of our work. We are as passionate now as we were when we started and as a group of friends we push one another to stay on top of the stories we love to tell and the images we lust to make. We are available for local and international assignments, and our individual portfolios provide a good understanding of our diverse style and vision.

Together ATRIA Collective is Ben Benvie, Jenna Shouldice, Kelly Schovanek Christian Webber, Ryan MacDonald and Tristan Shouldice.

ATRIA Collective Photographers