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Album Photographs by Ryan MacDonald - ATRIA Collective Album Photographs by Ryan MacDonald - ATRIA Collective

Album Photographs by Ryan MacDonald

1 the-fretless-by-ryan-macdonald

Even though it seems like Ryan is photographing a new musician everyday, we haven’t gotten to see any of the recent album covers where her work has been featured. After seeing the recent Fretless album, I encouraged Ryan to photograph some of the other covers she’s made so we can share them with the world.

Here is just a selection of the growing collection, originally featured on her blog.  The other musicians and bands below are SeudanBen PowellMichael Grey and Ivonne Hernandez & Jeremy Walsh.


2 seudan-cd-ryan-macdonald

3 seudan-album-cover-ryan-macdonald

4 ben-powell-signed-cd-ryan-macdonald

5 ben-powell-album-ryan-macdonald

6 waterbound-the-fretless-ryan-macdonald

7 the-fretless-waterbound-ryan-macdonald

8 michael-grey-album-ryan-macdonald

9 Ivonne-Hernandez-Jeremy-Walsh-album-ryan-macdonald

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2 comments on “Album Photographs by Ryan MacDonald
  1. nona macdonald dyke says:

    These are wonderful.

  2. Judy Kit says:

    Jenna, you are brilliant! Thank you for pulling Ryan’s work together and getting her going. Not only did I get to enjoy
    the photos, but was thrilled to listen to Fretless this morning. I’ll order their music today and look forward to my favorite
    weekly postings from PHOTOGRAPHERNETWORK!

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