Candlelight Tribute at God’s Acre Veterans Cemetery

Gods-Acre-Veterans-Cemetery-Esquimalt-01 Gods-Acre-Veterans-Cemetery-Esquimalt-02 Gods-Acre-Veterans-Cemetery-Esquimalt-03 Gods-Acre-Veterans-Cemetery-Esquimalt-04 Gods-Acre-Veterans-Cemetery-Esquimalt-05 Gods-Acre-Veterans-Cemetery-Esquimalt-06 Gods-Acre-Veterans-Cemetery-Esquimalt-07 Gods-Acre-Veterans-Cemetery-Esquimalt-08 Gods-Acre-Veterans-Cemetery-Esquimalt-09 Gods-Acre-Veterans-Cemetery-Esquimalt-10 Gods-Acre-Veterans-Cemetery-Esquimalt-11 Gods-Acre-Veterans-Cemetery-Esquimalt-12 Gods-Acre-Veterans-Cemetery-Esquimalt-13 Gods-Acre-Veterans-Cemetery-Esquimalt-14 Gods-Acre-Veterans-Cemetery-Esquimalt-15 Gods-Acre-Veterans-Cemetery-Esquimalt-16 Gods-Acre-Veterans-Cemetery-Esquimalt-17

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  1. arlene Richards

    well, I thankyou for a teaching lesson. black and white is certainly more effective to evoke emotions.
    I will transfer some of my photos and try to emulate your visions.
    Once again, I will ask if you would be interested in giving our club a talk. our web site is on the card.
    We have openings for every first and second mondays of the month, starting in september.
    (hey, I will bug you, after all, I am an old bugger searching for youth and knowledge.

  2. I think this is an unique and great idea to tributing others.


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