A mother writes about Jenna photographing her birth

Birth Photography Project

Recently one of the mothers Jenna photographed for her ongoing project, The Labour Process, wrote a thoughtfull and touching blog post about her birthing experience and having Jenna there photographing.

“She was a quiet, gentle presence that I barely registered. Somehow she captured the simple, poignant, gritty, delicate, sweet and intimate moments that occurred during that lifetime of birthing without invading the experience; only adding very subtly to it.”  Danielle Green Spillett

Also bringing his own perspective, a father from another birth has written a personal exploration of his birthing experience, and the time leading up to it, on his blog. Two interesting reads related to Jenna’s work we thought you might enjoy!

Jenna’s project documenting the birth process is still expanding. If you are interested in participating as a mother or caregiver or know someone who might be, please comment bellow or send this post to others who might be interested. Thank you!

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