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Forever Bewildered Archives - ATRIA Collective Forever Bewildered Archives - ATRIA Collective
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Sarah + Colin

Langley Engagement Session

Sarah and Colin – Langley, BC.

Little Skippers

Fort Langley Family Portraits

Dani and her daughters – Langley, BC.

Alex Gandy

Alex Gandy

Bagpiper Alex Gandy – Moline, Illinois.

Lex & Co.

Victoria BC Family Photography

Two month old Lex with his mother and sister – Victoria, BC.

Quinn Bachand

Quinn Bachand

Multi-instrumentalist Quinn Bachand – Victoria, BC.

I Count Seven

Victoria Kids Photographer

Kendyl after school on ‘Crazy Hair Day’ – Victoria, BC.

James W. Troy

James W Troy

James W. Troy at the JWT Reedmakers workshop – Victoria, BC.

After Swim Class

Victoria Kids Photographer

Callum – Victoria, BC.

Ivonne Hernandez

Ivonne Hernandez

Canadian Fiddler Ivonne Hernandez – Victoria, BC.

Moustached Twins

Twins with Mustaches

Twin brothers Blair and Glenn Brown – Las Vegas, Nevada.

Barb + Hélène

Best Friends Photography

Hélène Cyr and Barb – best friends for 30+ years. Victoria, BC.

Jimmy James

Jamie Troy

Jamie Troy – Musician and Bagpipe Reedmaker. Victoria, BC.